Defrost Your Commercial Refrigerator The Proper Way

Our trusty refrigerator has been around for years, keeping our food chilled and fresh for longer while also replacing the need for ice houses and iceboxes. Since the introduction of refrigerators, knowing how to defrost the fridge has been home maintenance essential since it keeps your appliance working to its full potential and prevents anything shoved to the back of the freezer from freezing into a fixture that will be difficult to remove. So how do you defrost a refrigerator? 

Most appliances come with a defrosting guide, especially now that some newer refrigerators have a defrost setting, so it is a good idea to read the manufacturer’s guidelines before you start. Here are the steps on how to defrost your refrigerator properly:

The first thing that you need to do is to unplug the refrigerator. Leave the door open so that it could get some warm air. Next, take all of the food out of the fridge. This is a good opportunity to throw out anything that should not be there anymore and to recycle the containers where possible. If there is anything that might spoil or melt once taken out, you can consider moving it to a cooler or icebox. 

If you are doing your freezer too, remember that some food like raw chicken can’t be refrozen once they’ve been defrosted, so try to use these up in the week before you defrost your fridge. 

The next step is to take out the shelves if you can. Chances are shelves pop right out. You can put them in the sink with a high-quality dishwashing liquid and give them a great clean. Make sure to melt the ice, this will happen in time anyway, but you can help it melt faster. One option is to boil some water in the kettle and put it in a large bowl and shit it in the fridge cabinet for a few minutes. 

Other guides may suggest using a hairdryer or attaching a vacuum cleaner hose to the exhaust section and using the hot air to melt the ice in the refrigerator. While this could help speed up the process along, bear in mind that the water and electrical appliances do not mix well. Whatever method you choose, there will be water to drain or soak up when you are defrosting the fridge, so it is best to mop this up with a towel as you defrost. 

After defrosting, clean the refrigerator. This is something that you should be doing once in a while anyway as a part of your kitchen hygiene routine. With all the food out of the way, it has never been easier. You need to wipe down the fridge floor, walls and any shelves that you couldn’t remove with a great antibacterial kitchen spray. 

Replace the food, and you can turn the fridge back on. It is the best time to establish a fridge organization system. You will find things easier afterward. You must remember that raw meat and seafood need to be kept in sealed containers on a low shelf to help prevent cross-contamination through dripping. 
If you are unsure how to defrost your fridge or you are hesitant to do anything with you, you can call your local service provider to do the defrosting and cleaning for you. Local service provider commercial refrigeration repair in Wilmington can help you clean your fridge and defrost it properly. They can also spot any issues that need to be fixed immediately before they become a bigger problem. They can also help in checking for any issues internally, such as wiring and coils. With regular maintenance by a professional, your refrigerator will surely last for years.

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