Restaurant Games

Alright, this week’s post is for the meat loving, grubbers who just love to dig into their meat! Get ready to get your hands dirty because we are talking about wings at a Back Bay Restaurant! Wings can be used in a number of occasions. It could be the big game, and you need some wings with some ranch dressing dip, or it could be a night for wings, maybe it is just a snack for a number of guests coming to your home or event. The point is wings are an extremely versatile food in their purpose, and I am glad that they are, because, well, wings are awesome!

One thing I love is wing night. Nothing beats those awesome specials where you can get a wing for a quarter. Just keep serving them up! I can get twenty wings in all kinds of different sauces and flavors for just around $15! What’s not to love? Always look for a place with a wing night and be sure to attend, it is just too good of an offer to pass up. You can dig your teeth and rip the chicken right off the bone and let your mouth water as the flavor sets in on your taste buds.

Do not be afraid to mix it up either! Try new flavors. If you are big eater and a big wing guy like me you are probably going to order a lot of wings. Do not just stick to one or two flavors though, switch it up, because no matter how good the particular Back Bay Restaurant sauce is it is going to become bland and boring after you down about half of them. It is always nice to excite your tongue with a new flavor every few wings or so. Kick start your taste buds with some smoking hot buffalo sauce, cool it down with some sweet Thai, and refresh your mouth with an exotic blend of Asian sesame.

Your options are limitless when it comes to wing sauces because they all go so well with chicken, and most sports bars and wing venues pride themselves in having a great variety and quality of sauces. Do them justice and make the effort to try as many you can.

One piece advice, try to refrain from ordering a soda. Soda will fill you up faster and you are going to regret because it will limit how many wings you can eat. Also if you get a lot of spicy wings, soda does not help all that much to cool you down. Try getting an iced tea or something of the sort, and of course if you are 21 or older grab yourself a tall one, but try and keep it on the lighter side so you can enjoy all the wings your stomach can handle. Keep your eye for the local wing night around you, and if you can’t find one be sure to try a Back Bay Restaurant for some great wings night experience.

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