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As the housing trends change and evolve throughout the years, it is very important to be flexible and versatile on which can have an impact on you and your Santa Monica home. For some, they prefer and value authenticity to cope up with this ever changing housing trends.

Buyers today want cost-effective architecture, housing plans that focus more on spaces and not rooms and homes that are designed ‘green’ from the outset. Basically, the key for home builders is to find that balance between what buyers want that still considers the price point. Many homeowners also prefer to make their homes smaller. They want to have smaller houses and they are willing to strip of some of yesterday’s popular rooms which include the home theater.

And to help you cope up with the market and housing trends, here are some of the must have features in every Santa Monica homes:

  • Energy-efficient appliances. These are the most valued green feature in Santa Monica home today. These things can really help every homeowner to save costs on their monthly bill as well as all those utility bills in an annual manner.

  • Main-floor master suite. This can be also considered as a must have feature on every home with empty-nesters and certain other buyers and continuously getting popular these days.

  • Outdoor living space/room. This also grows more and more popular especially with the demand in outdoor cooking area because people tend to spend more of their time outside their homes.

  • Large kitchens. Many homeowners spend a lot of money trying to keep their kitchens in tip top condition and updated as well. Granite counter tops are in demand today and considered a must have for every home.

  • Home office. Homeowners nowadays prefer their homes to be a place wherein they can continue their work or even conduct their work from their homes. This is really getting big in the home trends today and the benefits of having a home office really worth the money of workaholic homeowners. This place also offers a peaceful area for those who want to study without having to deal with all the noise outside.

  • Garage. Today, there is a big demand on garages to have more space, meaning, to have more than just a car parking space. Two-car garage, given at all levels, in which third bat is more usually than not used for additional storage space and not automobiles. This is very desirable in the move-up and custom sort.

These are the most common must have features you must apply in your homes. It’s either to increase the value of your home or to have more spacious, beautiful, and convenient living.

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